Auxilary & Departmental Leaders

Woman's Department
Lady Sherry Hall

Men's Department
Minister Carther McCall

Ushers Board
Minister Carther McCall

Minister Carther McCall

Fearless Student Ministries
Sis. Nakia Brown

Music Department
Bro. Marcus Robinson

Deacon Charles Brown
Bro. DeAndre' Callahan

Sis. Sharon Campbell

Security Team
Deacon Earl Allen

Administrative Staff

Internal Finance Coordinator
Sister Alisa Cooper

Pastoral Finance Assintant
Sister Alisa Cooper

Women’s Department is to nurture and support women in their Christian lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. The Women’s Department also shares the responsibility for developing and providing training to equip the women of the church to uplift Christ in BAM International Ministries as well as in the present world.

Men’s Department is to develop and support all male individuals concerning their purpose and understanding of their godly walk with Jesus Christ in BAM International Ministries as well as in the present world. The Men’s Department is also instrumental in producing effective and anointed men of God whom will also provide assistance in the church as well as becoming faithful and dedicated mentors to the younger men in the ministry.

Usher Board is to present themselves as a representative of the general characteristics of the BAM International Ministries. The Usher is responsible for displaying a favorable and impressive attitude towards all people whom choose to come and worship. The Usher understands the importance of making all members and visitors comfortable in the church setting as well as lending their spiritual dignity to create a pleasant experience during the worship services.

Evangelism is to reach out with the Good News of what God has done through Jesus Christ as well as helping people respond to the Good News by living as devoted Christian disciples. The Evangelism and Mission Department also serves the church and the community with assistance concerning their basic and spiritual needs.

Music Department is to strive to develop a biblical understanding of the power, purpose and practice of praise and its role within the church. The music ministry works with the Bishop utilizing music to encourage and uplift God’s people and help draw us all into a closer relationship with God. The Ministry members are also responsible for attending scheduled rehearsals and participating in worship services, designated events and music programs as well as display an ability to sing vocal parts and staying in key according to their assigned vocal section.

Audio-Visual Team Leader is to set up and take down the sound system for the Sunday morning service, including all microphones for the Bishop, choir and other worship leaders. The Audio-Visual Leader will also assist with the sound needs of the worship band and choir, including performing a sound check for quality prior to the service and operating the sound mixer.

BAM Hospitality Department purpose to show the love of God to visitors, guests of the ministry and members by demonstrating the acts of kindness and hospitality with a smile and a willing heart and spirit. The Hospitality Department is also responsible for providing hostess services for all guests, leaders and members as needed as well the preparation of all food for fellowship meals, breakfast, luncheons, dinners and all other church related functions whereas their services are requested and needed.

Dance Ministry is to minister God’s word through Dance. The Dance Ministry does understand that its goal is to help bring the audience closer to Christ as well as touching the hearts of those whom do not know him by offering the desire to be in God’s Presence.